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  About the conferences

The first conference for authentic stories and great storytellers on business agility; anything from agile outside IT, organisational design and product innovation to next-gen leadership.

The Business Agility series are intense 2-day conferences focusing on agile outside IT, including its applications in organisational design, product innovation, and next-gen leadership. We bring together some of the greatest speakers and practitioners of business agility to share their experiences and the benefits their organisations have gained from exploring new, agile, practices. We host insightful and authentic talks & workshops around the world, with our keystone event in New York City each spring. The demand is clear!

We're trying something different with the conferences. Each conference will be highly interactive - a combination of keynotes and facilitated learning "deep dives". Everyone will be seated together in one room for two days. Each day will be split into 4 topics (e.g. organisation design, leadership & empowerment, innovation & market disruption, governance & strategy, customer & citizen focus and leading the transformation). Each topic will have three, 20 minute, "art of the possible", case studies followed by 40 minutes of facilitated hands-on engagement. We've designed the conference so participants spend 50% of their time networking and learning from each other through these hands-on, "deep dive" sessions.

  Why business agility

Traditional models of management and corporate governance are failing to keep up with the needs of the modern economy. Change, both technological and cultural, is occurring at faster rates than ever before. In this climate, modern enterprises will live or die on their ability to adapt. As a result, companies are turning to agile for ideas to innovate, reduce the cost of business and remain relevant in a changing market.

This is where business agility comes in. Business agility embraces change; changing how you think, changing how you work and changing the way you interact. The ability to change is important whether you are a software developer or a CEO.

  Code of Conduct

Our conference code of conduct outlines the expectations of behaviours from each of us before, during and after the conference. Please take the time to read and understand.


Founders and Conference Chair

Evan Leybourn
Evan Leybourn
Conference Founder and Chair
Senior ICT Executive, Business Transformation Leader & Author
Conference Founder and Chair
We help organizations and training providers design learning experiences that cultivate an agile mindset and enable sustainable organizational agility.